Documentation of one of the encounters set up by Eric Anglès as a part of Special Actions in Varied Parking Lots in Variable Time. Placed on a street in Venice, CA, this piece was set up on the side of the street unoccupied by parked cars due to street cleaning.

Three benches placed in various public parking spots caused three-way conversations to ensue on the following topic: What is public space? These conversations were recorded, transcribed, anonymized, lightly edited for fluency and printed as separate booklets. As with all of the artist’s work, the booklets will be available as unlimited editions. Every participant received at least one booklet. Participants were passers-by as well as anyone who wished to schedule an appointment.

Please join us for the final installment of Special Actions in Varied Parking Lots in Variable Time tomorrow at 8 pm in the REDCAT Parking Structure. Norwegian artist Tori Wrånes will be orchestrating SPIN ECHO, a moving sound sculpture in the form of a choir on bicycles.